Meet the team


We're a few friends, with one goal in mind.

We provide you with a detail-oriented approach to help your business grow and make an impact on your community.

Shahaab Oshidary

Director, Operations

Shahaab has helped companies showcase their products. He is driven to help businesses grow, no matter the size. He is passionate to provide excellent service, and has great attention to detail.

Felix Soong

Director, Productions

Felix Soong is an award-winning filmmaker that sees the value in effective video content. He is incredibly passionate about creating gorgeous videos.

Dennis Quek

Director, Operations

Dennis has a strong affinity for business and numbers. He is determined to help your company continually improve and grow through the use of his analytical, problem-solving, and customer service skills.

Eamon Ma

Director, Technology

Eamon has worked on many projects as production sound, and is familiar with mixing and sound equipment. He also creates beautiful, responsive, and accessible websites.

Kelton Thierry

Client Relations Manager

Kelton is a “third-culture” individual who focuses on detail and client care. He is driven to aid companies reach their target clientele in the most efficient manner utilizing Mandarin and French.