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We create incredible, emotional experiences for companies to promote their products and brand.

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Why Starlide?

We see the value in quality.

We're passionate about creating emotional experiences.

So when we help you market your product, brand your company, or film your event, we take great care into making sure it's the best-in-class. And as a Vancouver-based media company, we only succeed when you succeed.
Why Starlide?

We showcase your products.

You only have a couple of seconds for your ad to captivate the viewers to check out your product—that is our specialty.

We strive to create short eye-catching ads to make your target market intrigued by wanting to learn more about your product. With that stunning video, you can then use it on any platform for as long as you want. We create a stunning advertisement for your product, inducing rapid growth.
Why Starlide?

We tell your story.

Good video is far more powerful than trendy YouTube video filters: they tell a story.

Stories are great, they can evoke emotions and pull people in. And people feel connected to each other when they share a story.